Noise transmission, heaving, cracking, dampness and the resulting deterioration of roofing systems are the critical architectural and engineering issues that surround the use of outdoor spaces located on terraces, roof structures and balconies.

To deal with these critical issues WEGU developed the Terring paver pedestal system that utilizes flexible and durable vulcanized rubber slab supports.

The Terring, an elastic support ring that separates the paving slabs from any Sand or aggregates are no longer required. Mortar joints which are susceptible to cracking are eliminated. Crack formation is not possible-all movements caused by loads or temperature variations are taken up by the open joints and the flexible Terring Spacers.

Terring Product Client Endorsement – 30 Years Use!

Terring Life Cycle – Brookfield Place 181 Front Street Toronto

In 2017 we mobilized on a roofing project at 181 Bay Street.? All of the 18”X18” granite pavers needed to be removed to allow access to the membrane below for R & R then reinstalled.? ?As we were removing the pavers we noticed a large percent of the Wegu Terring 200 pedestals were still intact, pliable and completely reusable. ??After nearly 30 ?years of exposure to the harsh Canadian elements these things looked incredible. ?They were salvaged and with the addition of a small percentage of new ones were reinstalled under the previously removed pavers.? ?I would not hesitate to use these little wonders again.

Roger Snow, Superintendent
Dean-Chandler Roofing Limited