Utilizing presses up to 1000 tons, forming very large rubber and rubber bonded to metal components is well within WEGU’S production capability. By absorbing much of the shock and abrasion encountered when conveying ores and aggregates, WEGU’S rubber based components will significantly extend the service life of these systems. Rubber coated idlers and drive rollers minimize slippage and improve conveyer tracking where a low friction coefficient is required, for example impact bars. WEGU bonds UHMW plastic materials to both its rubber and rubber/metal components. WEGU is committed to the development and production of superior shock absorption and abrasion resistant rubber, rubber/metal and UHMW plastic/rubber/metal bonded products for extracting, transporting and hauling ore and aggregates.

  • Conveyor idlers
  • Idler tires
  • Pulley Lagging
  • Scraper rubber
  • Skirtboard rubber
  • UGMW impact bars
  • Ultra lagging