WEGU manufactures a range of specialized products for the mining industry. Highly resistant to the extreme abrasion, corrosion and sock conditions encountered during the extraction and processing of ores, WEGU’S rubber based components significantly extend the service life of ore processing equipment.

With presses as large as 1000 tons, the manufacturing of very large rubber and rubber/metal components is well within WEGU’S production capability.

WEGU formulates all of its rubber compounds based upon years of field experience in the mining industry. The resulting service durability of its rubber based components significantly reduces maintenance costs.

WEGU is committed to the development and production of superior abrasion and corrosion resistant rubber and rubber bonded to metal mining products that will lead to improved extraction and processing efficiency.

  • Abrasion resistant chute lining
  • Ball mill liners
  • Bumper Boards
  • Conveyor system components
  • Feed box liners
  • Ore car cushions
  • Skip liners
  • Slurry pump liners