NOISE blue-dot_10x10? VIBRATION blue-dot_10x10 HARSHNESS blue-dot_10x10? SEALING

These are critical engineering issues in the contemporary automobile. In response, WEGU has developed a unique capability to offer an exceptional range of product performance capabilities.

Utilizing a sophisticated two-shot injection process, WEGU has eliminated a costly, time consuming and labour intensive production process for a wide range of products that are unique to the automobile industry.

WEGU molds components that combine hard plastic materials for structural purposes with softer plastic materials that provide sealing and/or dampen vibration and noise. The resulting component is a lighter weight, highly functional, easier to install and in many instances a less costly component then could be manufactured by any other method.

WEGU’s engineers work closely with the client’s technical personnel to achieve;

  • improved component performance,
  • simplified component installation,
  • reduced component weight, and
  • reduced overall cost.

We are committed to the development and production of superior rubber and plastic products that surpass our customers’ expectations.


Air Flow Extractors

Windshield Clips

Fuse Box Casing

Hood Support Rod Clip

Coolant Container Cap

Coolant Container Spout

We are continually improving our molding techniques and developing resin for specific applications.

Contact us for your custom requirements.