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Starrett HE400 optical profile projector
Instron 5500 advanced materials testing system for use in tensile, compression, fatigue, impact and hardness testing.

WEGU offers a complete product and development capability for both rubber and thermo-plastic materials. To fully satisfy a client’s mechanical and chemical performance specifications, WEGU develops, formulates and tests both rubber and plastic compounds. With a complete material laboratory on the premise, WEGU can dynamically test and validate every compound before prototyping begins.

Using state-of-the-art CAD, WEGU can quickly design any part and issue drawings for client approval. With these resources available, WEGU can move quickly to the prototyping and mold design phase. Our extensive laboratory facilities permit rapid testing and design specification verification on both the prototype and finished part.

With the knowledge and development resources for both rubber and thermoplastic under the same roof, WEGU has the unique capability to offer a wide range of product design strengths involving composites that may include rubber, plastic and metals as well as those composites that are combinations of hard and soft rubbers, hard and soft plastics with or without bonding to metals.