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2015 Ontario Export Awards – Emerging Exporter


Ontario Export Awards – Emerging Exporter

Wegu Manufacturing was the Emerging Exporter winner in 2015. This award honours an Ontario exporter who is starting to excel in international exporting and contribute to the province’s economic development.

The Ontario Export Awards are the province’s most prestigious awards paying tribute to the success and innovative approaches of Ontario export companies. Extending across industries and including both rural and urban representation, the awards are a celebration of the contributions exporters have made to both the provincial and national economy.

Located in Whitby, Ontario, Wegu is an industry leader in Research and Development. Wegu prides itself in product design assistance, engineering, tooling development, prototyping, materials analysis, testing and manufacturing in house. Every rubber and plastic compound is formulated, produced and tested by Wegu Manufacturing to ensure they meet all client physical and chemical requirements for durability, flexibility, abrasion resistance and noise and vibration mitigation. All metals used in the production of elastomer/metal composites are prepared and treated for bonding in-house.

Wegu products are found in industries as diverse and demanding as automotive, mining and aggregates processing, construction and heavy manufacturing. Wegu products range in functionality from seals, insulators and isolators, bumpers and bump stops, abrasion resistant liners, and skirtboards to anti vibration mounts for heavy machinery and transportation. We offer unmatched quality and process control.

Presented by, the Ontario Export Awards are a division of the Canada Export Awards, which has been hosting provincial ceremonies in B.C. and Alberta for more than a decade. Following on the success of B.C. and Alberta, 2014 was the inaugural year in Ontario and the response was overwhelming. The Ontario Export Awards may be considered the province’s most prestigious awards paying tribute to the innovative approaches and contributions of Ontario export companies, and the individuals who create those success stories.

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