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Every product solution by WEGU is driven by creativity, engineering excellence and commitment to quality.

Since our small beginnings as a boat builder in the 1960’s WEGU has grown into a multi-international manufacturer of molded rubber and plastic products.

Well known in the industry as a leader in Research and Development WEGU prides itself in product design assistance, engineering, tooling development, prototyping, materials analysis, testing and manufacturing in house. Every rubber and plastic compound is formulated, produced and tested by WEGU to ensure they meet all client physical and chemical requirements for durability, flexibility, abrasion resistance and noise and vibration mitigation. All metals used in the production of elastomer/metal composites are prepared and treated for bonding in-house.

WEGU products are found in industries as diverse and demanding as automotive, mining and aggregates processing, construction and heavy manufacturing. WEGU products range in functionality from seals, insulators and isolators, bumpers and bump stops, abrasion resistant liners, and skirtboards to anti vibration mounts for heavy machinery and transportation. We offer unmatched quality and process control.


WEGU has had the coveted Ford Q1 award
since 1990.

We are committed to the development
and production of superior rubber and
plastic products that surpass our customers’ expectations

SPE Automotive Innovation Award

Ford QI Quality Award

Our passion is in making Innovative Product Solutions from Advanced Polymer Technologies

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